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YSS rear shock (Heavy duty option available)

YSS Shock Absorber.

Available for both FJ's and FJR's (Heavy duty spring only available for FJR's)

FJ shocks: usually in stock with supplier so can be with me in a couple of days.

FJR1300 shocks: we hold in stock here at the club.



Heavy duty YSS Shock (FJR's Only).

This Club tested Shock Absorber developed by us and the manufacturer (to get the correct spring rate), is suitable for heavy duty two up touring and/or fast road use.

This opition comes with ride height adjuster. 

Standard spring YSS shock.

A lighter rate spring than the heavy duty spring that's approximately 5% stronger than original. This is suitable for mainly one up use and occasional touring jaunts and is sprung more like the o/e shock absorber but with much better preload and damping and benefits from a progressive spring. It does NOT come with a ride height adjustment facility. 


YSS are the biggest aftermarket shock supplier in the world and YSS Top Line Z shocks are developed to cope with the growing demand for high performance gas shocks. Teflon coated Sinter DU Bushes and heat treated hard chromed shafts are used to make this precision shock.

The YSS Top Line Z rear monoshock features:

1.Self adjusting emulsion gas shock for a quicker reaction and better predictably.

2.Threaded spring preload.

3.Rebound adjustable to control how fast the shock springs back after being compressed.


All YSS shocks are heat treated and welded twice for extra strength.

YSS has been awarded ISO and ABE certification from Germany regulation authority TUV.


A full two-year warranty is complimentary with all YSS products to guarantee customer satisfaction and assurance in its brand. In the rare case of a fault, you will need to keep the supplied guarantee slip safe.






YSS rear shock (Heavy duty option available)

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