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The FJ Owners Club was formed in 1993 by Phil (Doc) Hacker. At first, it was a small side line running alongside his full time job in the RAF. He started by sending out quarterly newsletters (Fast Journal) to our members and selling parts from our printed catalogue.

The club quickly grew as the members wanted more than just a newsletter and parts. They wanted a place to service their beloved machines with quality and expertise at a good price, so started the workshop. In 2001 the release of the FJR meant Doc needed an extra pair of hands so along came Mark (Ernie) Lodge. Ernie was a long standing member of the Club with his beloved FJ1200 1TX and good friends with Doc. The two of them took on the FJR's with Doc taking care of the FJ's and Ernie handling the FJR's.

Some Years Later in 2010

Jake (Peg) Udall came on board as the main service technician at the clubs workshop. Doc and the team put a lot of time and effort into making the Club what it is today arranging many benefits to its members.

Even to this day the team remains the same as does the clubs service and values.

Doc, Ernie and Peg all have extensive experience on Yamaha FJ's and FJR's with over 55 years between them.

Meet the FJ Owners Club Team

Phil (Doc) Hacker 

Over 25 Years experience on FJ's 

qualified RAF Technician.

Contact for: 

Yamaha FJ enquiries 

European Tours


Mark (Ernie) Lodge

Over 20 Years experience on FJR's 

Life long motorcycle enthusiast 

Contact for:

Yamaha FJR enquiries


Workshop booking

Jake (Peg) Udall

Over 10 Years experience on FJ's and FJR's 

Fully qualified motorcycle technician

Contact for:

Yamaha FJ enquiries

Yamaha FJR enquiries

Workshop booking

FJ Owners Club

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8:30am - 6:00pm




0755 165 5141


Unit 5 Nibley Business Park

Nibley Lane 



BS37 5HL

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