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Auxiliary power socket

Three Options

Yamaha power socket (Yamaha FJR 2001-2005 Only)

Pattern Power socket

Twin USB Power socket


Yamaha power socket. Simple battery connections allows you to connect mobile phones etc. Comes with fitting instructions to fit in fairing.


Pattern power socket is a proper size socket (not silly BMW type) so lots of applications.

Attaches by male socket to a female socket lead fixed to the battery (Same as Optimate auxillary lead). Comes with a plastic fixing kit to allow it to fit to handlebars (Useless for FJR and FJ) so I keep it in the tool tray under the seat.

Can be tie wrapped to wire loom by handlebars to allow power for sat nav, phones, camera etc. if required. 

Bargain price and reasonable quality assured!


Pattern Twin USB is as Power socket except houses TWO USB sockets

Auxiliary power socket

PriceFrom £19.99
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