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Brake caliper bolts

All caliper bolts kits are supplied with 2 bolts.

To replace all your caliper bolts on FJ models you will need 3 Stainless kits (6 bolts).

To replace your Front  caliper bolts on FJR models you will need 2 Stainless kits. 


Stainless kit (All FJ, Front only FJR)

Made from 316 Stainless Steel and machined with rolled threads, our bolts are strong, highly polished and corrosion resistant. Replace rusty, worn originals with our strong, bright and corrosion free options - Zero maintenance and easy to fit.


FJR Rear calipers bolts are OEM (NOT Stainless steel).

We only suppliy 2003 types bolt that are hex headed instead of the 2001-2002 socket head (allen) type bolts. These bolts are a direct replacement for 2003 onwards and a worthy upgrade for 2001-2002. 

Available under FJR Rear Caliper bolts on this site.



Brake caliper bolts

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