Shad  SH58 X Expanding topcase

The award winning (Red Dot) design allows you to effortlessly collapse and expand the rigid top box according to the amount of luggage you want to carry.

This Topcase is aerodynamic and the lightest in its class. Our best top box available.


In its most compact mode , this case offers a volume of 46 Litres, which allows to transport the things needed for every day. In this position, aerodynamics become the priority.


In the second level  it reaches 52 Litres, which is very helpful for those short weekend trips, storing 2 full-face helmets. We achieve an optimal balance between capacity and dynamics performance.


Finally, when the case its completely expanded , the volume reaches the 58 Litres, enough to bring anything you need for that big tour.


To fit to your FJR you will need a fitting kit.

Fitting kit will also allow fitment of any Shad case.


Fitting kit for FJR1300 2001-2005 is a Plate that fits to the OEM Yamaha Rack .Cost is £68.00

Fitting Kit for FJR1300 2006 -2020 is a Rack replacing the OEM Yamaha plastic rack. Cost is £95.00

Optional Backrest available for Extra £63.00





  • Fitting plate included (connects to dedicated fitting kit)
  • Optional 2 piece backrest
  • Maximum Capacity: 2 full face helmets
  • Maximum Load 10kg
  • Smart Lock System
  • Impact Resistant
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Measurements Width: 61cm / Depth: 48cm / Height: 27cm / 29cm / 31.5cm


Shad SH58 X Expanding topcase

Fitment options