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FJR Radiator guard

Fits 2001-2020 model FJR's 


These stainless steel radiator guards are made by a British manufacturer to fit the early 2001 -2005 models.The guard will protect the very fragile radiator unit from stone and flying debris damage (see picture) and also minimises damage to the fins from water being flung from the front tyre. Fitment is very easy and only takes a few minutes by the removal of a single bolt. Comes supplied with fitting instructions.

The guard does not reduce airflow to the radiator.


The 2006-2020 FJR1300’s have a curved radiator with twin fans to aid cooling. They come as standard with a plastic protective grill. Unfortunately the grill spacings are too wide apart and allow small stones to penetrate with the chance of puncturing the fins a real possibility.We now supply an effective guard to prevent this happening. This guard is Laser Cut in a slat design (Slats spaced finer than the o/e plastic guard) with FJR1300 logo laser cut in centre from high quality Stainless Steel and does not reduce cooling. Fitment is straight forward requiring the removal and replacement of the horns and ommision of the o/e plastic guard to fit. Fitting instructions supplied.


Now also available in Powder coated matt black. (2006-2020 models)


LIMITED STOCKS- This product is being discontinued

FJR Radiator guard

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