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Engine Oil

Putoline DX4 10w/40: Oil comes highly recommended for the FJR. It is a proper semi-synthetic.  It is mixed in a 50/50 ratio with a mineral base not as some oils that are marketed as semi-synthetic and hardly contain any synthetic oil at all! If you don’t change your oil between 6000 mile services this is the oil we suggest. Approved to JASO MA2, the oil industry’s  standard for Japanese Motorcycle engines. (For FJR's a 4L container +1L container is supplied  and for FJ's a 4L container is supplied).


Morris Versimax:   5 litre can of Ring free oil. Its now called Versimax, and is the oil the club recommends for the air cooled FJ (especially during summer use). It carries a high content of detergent and this keeps the pistons clean and  stops rings from sticking.


Engine Oil

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