Putoline coolant 1 litre

Putoline NF coolant is a ready mixed, universal, engine coolant, suitable for all types of water-cooled engines, and saves messing around with distilled water and ratios etc; just pour in the recommended quantity and you're done.

1 litre container. (3 litres is enough for a FJR coolant change), or just buy 1 for topping up if required.

Its coloured green like the coolant your FJR had when it was new, unlike the orange tinged coolant Yamaha sell you when you buy their Yamalube. Using Yamalube and other light coloured coolants makes it difficult to see the level through the opaque expansion bottle!

This is our coolant we use by choice at the clubs workshop.

We have been using this type of coolant since the FJR came out in 2001.

Putoline coolant 1 litre