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Disc bolts

Price is per set of 6 bolts  for FJ and FJR (FJ 3XW ABS 5 bolts) i.e. one disc.



If you order OEM bolts they will not be polished stainless steel as pictured.


Stainless steel bolts, made from 316 Stainless Steel and machined with rolled threads, our bolts are strong, highly polished (FJR bolts only) and corrosion resistant. Replace rusty, worn originals with our strong, bright and corrosion free options - Zero maintenance and easy to fit.


OEM bolts, Either from Yamaha or pattern. Patterns bolt are ideniclae to Yamaha and have been tested by us. 




When replacing disc(s) do not re-use the bolts you have removed as they can be stressed during removal and are likely to snap during re-tightening. Always replace with new.

If possible run an appropriate tap through the threads in the wheel to ensure the thread is clean before inserting new bolt.



Disc bolts

PriceFrom £10.00
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