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FJR Mirrors

Three fitment options

2001- 2005 (Pattern Standard length)

2001 -2005 (Pattern Extended Length)

2006> (OEM)


2001 - 2005 Original equipment mirrors are expensive and cost around £76.00 each. . They are very well made and look virtually identical to OEM. All that is required is removal of the top fairing inner panels to gain access to the mirror mounting nuts.

They are not as robust as OEM though so if you require them to be able to constantly fold in and out they we suggest you buy NEW OEM ones.


2006> model mirrors  are expensive as they are colour coded to the bikes body work.


Please supply the following when ordering 2006> model mirriors. 

1.Mirror side rquired Left or RIGHT

2.Year of FJR:

3. YOUR Colour Description of FJR:

4. Model number / Colour code of bike:

(This can be found under the Riders seat. Its a White label with numbers and letters on (eg 3P6 060 B)

(The numbers give the correct model and year& the last letter (Very important) is the colour code of that model)

With all 4 of these details I can order you the correct mirror.


Please Note 2006 mirrors are not held in stock because the prices vary often. If prices change when you order them we will contact you. 


FJR Mirrors

PriceFrom £32.00
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