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FJR linkage

Using picture find the part you're after and it's corresponding letter then use the part items box to order your parts. 

All items are sold singly.


A= Linkage arm ( 2001- 2012. No bearings collars or seals)

B= Bearing seals (You need 6 for the complete linkage arm, plus 2 for swing-arm if applicable) 

*C and D= Bearing (You need 4 for the complete link arm, plus 2 for swing-arm if applicable)

E= Shock collar

F= Frame collar 

G= Centre collar 

*C and D we supply higher quality bearings than OEM, Yamaha use 2 types but all 4 are the same size. 


New linkage complete= Complete linkage arm with all bearings, collars and seals. Assembled and pre-greased by us.

Recon linkage complete= used linkage arm but includes all new bearings, collars, and seals. Assembled  and pre-greased by us cost is £299 +£100 (£399) returnable deposit*


*Recon. linkage arm requires a £100 deposit. This is already included in the price. This is because we recycle them. Your deposit will only be refunded once we receive your old linkage arm back and is in a condition thats suitable to be reused. (The centre collar must be removable and centre bearing shells must be intact). Returned at members cost. 








FJR linkage

PriceFrom £3.50
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