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FJR LED side lights (pair)

LED Bike Sidelight Upgrades are a subtle bling and a safety addition for your FJR1300 as they should help catch an errant drivers eyesight faster than the feeble sidelights that Yamaha fit to the FJR1300, These particluar bulbs are really bright! They consist of two high power LED's to provide a truly astonishing light. They produce an intense White light (Blue Is available as an option/Not Road Legal) even though they draw less wattage than the standard bulbs. They are a simple direct replacement for your existing sidelights. (Wedge type push fit). 

With a life expectancy of 50,000 hours they should be the last set of bulbs you will need to buy.!

Tip; If bulb wont work when inserted into its holder, simply remove it  turn it though 180 degrees and refit it.They are polarity sensitive.

FJR LED side lights (pair)

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