2013> Model FJR's come supplied with puny single horn that wont frighten a mouse! Producing a massive 113 decibels of sound, the SoundBomb is over twice as loud as a standard motorcycle horn! The Denali™ SoundBomb was designed for those who want to be heard, but still want to maintain a stylish look. Thanks to its compact design and blacked-out housing, the SoundBomb will practically disappear once installed. At 113 decibels, the distinct low-tone sound from the DENALI SoundBomb Mini is over twice as loud as a typical 100 decibel disc horn. Much louder than the standard and feeble single unit that comes as standard fitment with all Yamaha FJR1300 2013-2017 models. Designed to be a direct Plug & Play upgrade from your factory horn, requiring no additional relay or wiring harness. When stock isn't quite enough, be heard with the SoundBomb Mini.



These horns are substantially better the FJR1300 O/E horns in loudness BUT also allow easy fitment without the horns fouling the bodywork. (Massive problem with almost all  the FJR's I have seen fitted with replacement horns).

These horns are Japanese made, super slim and emit 112 decibels easily out performing the standard horns' 105 decibels (Remember, each decibel increase is double the loudness) .

In real terms these horns are about TWICE as loud as the standard horns and about twice as deep sounding.

The sound is a lot deeper and obviously louder than the squeaky o/e horns.

They are a two tone design i.e one horn is 400Hz and the other is 500Hz..

They are lightweight, come fitted with a protective water and dust shield and are a direct replacement for the o/e horns, not requiring any relay or  modifications to fit.The horn set complies with European regulations Homologation ECE. 

The 2013> models have only one horn! (Wont frighten a mouse, let alone someone in their car texting with Motorhead blaring on a sixteen speaker Bose sound system with the air conditioning on). These horns come supplied with a pair of leads to allow dual fitment horns to bikes equpped with only one horn. So these will certainly upgrade the horn on these models. ( We mount 2nd horn on plastic radiator cover mount bolt. Basic instructions supplied).




2013> fitment,