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Three Horns available:

Our recommended fitments (although all horns can be made to fit all bikes. Space is the issue)

OEM Type horn Recommended for All FJ's

Monster horn Recommended for All FJ's

Super horns Recommended for FJR's


FJR1300: These horns are substantially better than FJR1300 O/E horns in loudness but also allow easy fitment without the horns fouling the bodywork unlike most aftermarket horns.  Made in Japan, super slim and emit 112 decibels easily out performing the standard horns' 105 decibels. In real terms these horns are about twice as loud as the standard. boasting a two tone design, i.e one horn is 400Hz and the other is 500Hz.


The 2013> models have only one horn!  That wont frighten a mouse, let alone someone in their car texting with Motorhead blaring on a sixteen speaker Bose sound system with the air conditioning on. These horns come supplied with a pair of leads to allow dual fitment horns to bikes equpped with only one horn. So these will certainly upgrade the horn on these models. 


These horns can be fitted to an FJ, however you may find it hard to to find room for them both (Not recommended to use singly). 


Fitting instructions for FJR's supplied.


FJ1100 & FJ1200 Horn:

Monster Horn 

This horn fits in the same place as the OE item with the bracket suppied or you can use the OE one

This is a High Tone and very loud.

You may find that you have to check that it clears the fairing and push it in slightly if a problem.

No relay needed.

n.b. Because of the age of some FJ's electrics, some bikes will require the engine to be running to sound horn.




This is a loud 113db horn that looks like the OE type. If you wish to keep you bike looking original but have a loud horn then this is the anwswer.



PriceFrom £9.00
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