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FJR Hyperpro spring conversion

Hyper-pro Heavy Duty Rear Spring Conversion 

For members who are reluctant to splash out on an expensive all singing and dancing rear shock absorber for their FJR, we now have available a conversion for the rear o/e Yamaha shock absorber. The conversion, basically, is a progressive spring that directly replaces the two springs and associated soft/hard adjuster gubbins on the o/e shock body. We have measured and tested the spring and found the new spring to be more than up to the job of handling the weight and performance of the FJR and because it is a progressively wound spring, when the bike is loaded up with luggage and/or a pillion the rear end doesn’t sag/collapse like the original item is prone to do. Unfortunately the spring conversion is not a DIY job as the removal and replacement of the springs require a special spring compressor. The workshop has purchased one of these compressors and we can offer a conversion service to members who wish to take advantage of it. To have the conversion done you will need to drop the shock out of your bike and send it to us. Upon receipt we will replace the springs with the new Hyperpro spring and will endeavour to return the completed converted spring and your old removed items back to you within 48 hours of receiving it.

The cost of the conversion is £126 including £16.00 return postage.

For £156 we can supply a used standard shock (Mileage approx 16K) already fitted with the New Hyperpro Spring.

FJR Hyperpro spring conversion

PriceFrom £110.00
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