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FJR/FJ Armstrong wavy brake discs

Armstrong wavy front disc brakes sold as a pair. 

Armstrong wavy rear is sold as a single disc.


Four different fitment types:

Front for 2001-2002 models

Front for 2003-2020 models 

Rear for all models of FJR1300 and FJ1100/1200 models

Front for FJ1100 and FJ1200 1TX

Please select the correct disc/s in the options  


We recommend changing brake pads when fitting new discs.

Brake discs come with a manufacturers warranty if you dont fit new pads with your discs, your warranty wil be invalid.



 Optimal braking performance with a more efficient area for cooling compared to standard round discs. They are laser cut from premium Japanese induction hardened stainless steel, diamond ground for the perfect finish, these discs not only look great but also offer lighter weight over the standard OEM discs.


FJR/FJ Armstrong wavy brake discs

PriceFrom £109.00
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