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Brake light switches

Front and/or Rear Brake Micro Switches.


Please note all FJR* switches are OEM and all FJ switches are pattern apart from FJ ABS switches that are OEM (limited Stock).


* 2001-2005 model FJR1300 Rear brake switches are no longer available

I can supply a pattern one that fits but you will need to transfer the operating spring from your old one

to the replacement and possibly cut the connector off and replace with two bullet connectors.


Some of the pattern FJ switches may need small modifictions to the wiring connections.


Please make sure you select the right switch for your bike especially if your bike has ABS.

You can not return electrical goods. If any doubt please give us a call before ordering. 


*OEM switches price are subject to change according to Yamahas current price catalogue.

FJR switches are not in stock and have to be ordered from Yamaha. Please allow 10 days.


Pitcures are for illustration purposes only. 

Brake light switches

PriceFrom £11.99
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