Bendix/SBS brake pads

Sintered brake pads from either Bendix or SBS.

Front pads are sold as two packs, to fit to each of your front brake calipers 

rear pads are sold as one pack.


Three different fittment types:

Front pads for  2001-2005 models 

Front pads for 2006-2020 models

Rear Pads for all models


Bendix/SBS Supersport range of pads are appropriate for today's high powered road bikes, and the demanding rider. Supersport pads are suitable as OEM replacements and are available for both front and rear wheel applications. No matter what riding conditions you are in, you can rely on Bendix/SBS pads to bring you faithfully to a stop when and where you want. These pads provide excellent performance through the unique formula, using a very high friction level for the front and a medium level at the rear. This provides well balanced braking performance. Bendix/SBS sintered pads are competitively priced, kind on disc rotors whether cast iron or stainless steel and provide good wear rates.

Bendix/SBS brake pads

Fitment options