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FJ1200 Part Gasket set

FJ1200 Part Gasket kit (pattern)

Kit contains head, base, sump, clutch gasket. barrel O rings x 4, igniton cover rubber gasket, carb float gaskets. 

This kit will allow you to remove the head and barrels and remove the sump.

YOU WILL ALSO NEED TO ORDER 'OE6' 'O' RINGS x 2 as these are not in the kit

A generic picture is shown; `(No valve seals, cam cover seal or exhaust gaskets).

Please view Full Gasket Kit if you want these.

Huge saving over OEM parts.



FJ1100 84-85 (Pt No 998981)

FJ1200 86-95 (Pt No 118955)

FJ1200 Part Gasket set

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