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FJ1200 3XW/ABS Rear Suspension Linkage

Some parts are now unavailable for the FJ1200 3XW/ABS model.

Those that are available are listed below. These correspond with the pictures above. Please order what you requirere. All parts are listed singly.


No 5 Bearing FJ1200 (86-95)

No 6 Collar All Models

No 10 Collar All Models Swingarm/Linkage

No 11 Bearing FJ1200 3XW (88-95)

No 12 Collar FJ1200 3XW (91-95)

No 13 Bearing FJ1200 3XW (91-95)

No 14a Washer Seal (All Models)


FJ1200 3XW/ABS Rear Suspension Linkage

PriceFrom £8.50
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