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FJ1200 1TX Rear Suspension Linkage

Some parts are now unavailable for the FJ1200 1TX .Those that are available are listed below. These correspond with the pictures above. Please order what you require .All parts are listed singly.



No 1 Bearing FJ1200 1TX (86-87)

No 2 Shaft FJ1100 and FJ1200 1TX (No Longer Available)

No 3 Seal FJ1200 1TX (86-87)

No 4 Bearing FJ1200 1TX (86-87)

No 5 Bearing FJ1200 (86-87)

No 6 Collar All Models

No 14a Washer Seal (All Models)

No 14 Washer Cap FJ1200 1TX (86-87) No Longer Available

No 15 Collar FJ1200 1TX (86-87)

No 16 Seal FJ1200 1TX (86-87) No Longer available





FJ1200 1TX Rear Suspension Linkage

PriceFrom £4.50
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