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FJ  Brake Pads

The club supplies TWO types of brake pads for the FJ range - Sintered  or  Organic.

Sintered pads are best for high speed and hard braking but are aggresive to the disc material.

We supply EBC, Vesrah and other well known, club tested, brands according to availability.

Organic are gentler on the discs and have a more immediate braking force at lower speeds. These are a good compromise between braking efficiency and pad/disc wear.


We sell the appropriate amount of pads for fitment. 1 pair of pads is for 1 caliper/1 Disc


For FJ1100 (36Y) and FJ1200 1TX you will need to order for Front 2 piston calipers. 

For FJ1200 (3CV) and FJ1200 (3XW) you will need to order for Front 4 piston calipers.

All Rears are the same.


If your FJ has R1 type brake calipers fitted, please buy 2001-2005 FJR pads. 

If you have 6 piston billet calipers please contact us. 


FJ Brake Pads

PriceFrom £20.00
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