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FJ1100/1200 Engine Bars

Engine Bars for FJ1100 84-85, FJ1200 86-90 models or FJ1200 3XW/ABS 91-95     

These offer protection to engine and body work from damage in the case of dropping the bike. These are far stronger than the modern plastic crash mushroom fitted to modern bikes and can take a massive knock.

The left hand cover is alone is £99 while the pickup triggers behind are over £200 and if damaged the bike will be unrideable which could be a problem if your away from home.

The right hand cover protects the main crankcase seal. If this is damaged the crankcases are scrap. Which means the engine is scrap.

They are must for FJ Owners and come highly recommended.

Also they can offer some protection to your legs if they were to be trapped between the bike and the road.

FJ1100/1200 Engine Bars

PriceFrom £163.78
Expected in next 4 weeks
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