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FJ Wingrack Stainless Steel Fitting Kit

We have a limited stock of Stainless Steel Wingrack fitting kits available for YAMAHA FJ1200's.

No-One makes fitting kits for FJ's anymore, so these are the last of a kind!

This kit will allow fitment of any Givi Wingrack (Mk 1 or 2) to fit your FJ1200 (will fit FJ1100 but not recommended as the FJ1100 loses the main load bearing mounts due to the desgn of the grab handles) .

You can purchase any Givi wingrack from E-bay or similar and then use the club kit to fit the rack to your FJ.

Thisd will allow you to use any Givi Monolock cases as panniers for full touring potential.

The Kit uses M8 bolts to fit . We supply bolts but we can supply extra bolts that you may require for a small extra charge.

What you see in the picture is what you will recieve + 10 M8 bolts, washers and nuts and generic fitting instructions.

N.B. The mounting hole for the footrest may need opening up with a drill bit to M10 size for footrest mount.



FJ Wingrack Stainless Steel Fitting Kit

£100.00 Regular Price
£70.00Sale Price
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