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FJ Hagon Fork Springs

Hagon Progressive Fork Springs

Hagon offer a quality replacement fork spring for the FJ. They offer excellent value for money and will restore the fork's pre-load to offer a quality ride.

Its always wise to purchase fork oil when replacing fork springs. Use SAE10w for all models of the FJ  except the 3XW/ABS model which takes the SAE15w oil. 


Why replace the fork springs?

Fork springs are one of the first items that need replacing on FJ's, often noticed when your forks dive excessively when braking or if the forks compress excessively on their own weight (see Note).

The advantage of progressive springs is that they offer a soft spring rate to give you a plush yet controlled ride. The more the spring compresses the more the higher rate comes into effect.
This results in better stability, increased ground clearance, and resistance to excessive bottoming. The kits provided through the Club come complete with full fitting instructions.
This makes it a simple 10 minute job to fit. No major tools are needed.

Note:   To check if springs are servicable: Check preload by placing a tie-wrap around one stanchion and sit on the bike. Push the tie wrap down to the top of the wiper seal. Gently, place bike back onto it's centre stand. Now measure  the tie-wraps travel up the leg. If it's more than 50mm, the springs need replacing.

FJ Hagon Fork Springs

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