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Engine Flush And Cleaner

Engine Flush And Cleaner (Brand may vary)

The Engine flush and cleaners we sell are especially formulated for motorcycle negines

They will keep internals of your engine clean and free from sludge and carbon deposits

They keep piston rings free from stiction and therfore helps compression.

Simply add a can into your engine oil filler, run motor for 10 minutes  then drain oil as usual and change the oil filter.

I use an engine flush in my own FJR every 4 engine oil changes. (I change my oil every 3000 miles)

Doc used one in his FJ race bike every oil change.


Flammable liquids are prohibited to be sent through the Royal Mail

so product must be sent via courier.

This will cost more to post.

Currently unable to post out as its deemed to dangerous by our courier!

Available for collection from club  shop only.

Engine Flush And Cleaner

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