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Emergency tubeless tyre repair kit. COLLECTION ONLY

Tubeless Tyre Repair Kit 

Sorry, We are no longer allowed to post this product. Available for collection only.

Professional tyre repair kit that is a must for any tourer. Allows roadside repairs to punctured tubeless tyres. Comes complete with air canisters and instructions.All manufacturers void their tyre warranty if you use tyre slime and the like.

This kit comes complete with its own handy self contained pouch. All parts available seperately if needed.

Contains; Repair strips; File; Fitting tool; Glue; Air canister and tool; Knife.

I have personally used these kits and they are excellent.

The last time was in France on a sunday afternoon and in typical France I was in the middle of knowhere. The tyre was down to about 10psi and handling was awful. Using the file I opened the hole (don't think 'I'll try and fit without opening the hole' because common sense says the smaller the hole the better the chance it will work, WRONG! because as you fit the plug it'll tear on fittment). Without using any glue I fitted the sticky strip. Using the air canister inflated it up to about 20psi. Rode for 30 miles to find a service station. Topped up to 40psi. Then rode all the way home, some 500 miles. (Doc)

NOTE; Dont use the sealers, either those that are in the tyre before a puncture or the foam-can type that is used after it's gone down. If they fail (and they normally do), you are stuffed, as the tyre can't be repaired professionally due to contamination. Anyway whos daft idea was it to fit a lb, in weight, of sealant liquid into a tyre, its going to cause an out of balance tyre.



Emergency tubeless tyre repair kit. COLLECTION ONLY

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