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FJ EBC Pro-lite Front Brake Disc FJ1200 88-95 (3CV, 3XW, 3XWABS)

EBC PRO-LIGHT DISCS    (Available to order)

The EBC Pro-lite Discs are a direct replacement for OE brake rotors. The main difference is that the pro-lite is made of tough heat carbon steel with zinc coat rust prevention. Pro-lite rotors are all a 9 button construction but do also feature the EBC patented SD system square drive button technology. Until now all original and aftermarket rotors use the outdated circular drive button technology.

Note: ABS discs have offset rotors.

Always use new pads when replacing rotors, the use of old or worn pads can cause hot spots or glazing of the rotor and will promote brake fade and loss of brake.

Only available as complete disc. Cost is per Disc

NOTE; All new disc(s) must be fitted with new pads. So if you dont purchase them at the same time please keep a receipt of them as the manufacturers 'get out' is asking you to prove you fitted NEW pads on fitment.

Yamahas serviceable limits.
Max Deflection
0.15mm (0.006)
Original Yamaha Disc Min Thickness 3.50mm

FJ EBC Pro-lite Front Brake Disc FJ1200 88-95 (3CV, 3XW, 3XWABS)

PriceFrom £165.00
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