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Dash Bulbs

FJR Dash bulb. (1 of 5 required to replace all dash backlighting bulb on 2001-2005 FJR models only. 2006> FJR models are LED and non-replaceable)

FJR Dash bulbs are not kept in stock but available to order.  Usual delivery takes 7 -10 days.


FJ dash bulbs available from stock. One of 7 dashlighting bulbs required for all models of FJ.

These capless bulb are fitted into the clocks, used as back lighting and warning lamps.

Suggest you replace all bulbs as there is only one way to replace them and that is to remove fairing complete and turn upside down, only then can you get access to the lower part of the dash board. 

Dash Bulbs

PriceFrom £1.00
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