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FJR Vario Screen (2001-2012 Only)

Vario screen. fitment options.

2001-2005 Clear or light tint

2006-20012 Clear or light tint


The problems almost every biker knows them; wind pressure, turbulence, buffeting and noise. The question is, though, which is the lesser of the evils?

The reduction of one problem provided by many screens often means an increase in one of the others, depending upon the height of the rider, the helmet they wear, their type of clothing and even whether they carry a passenger or not.Tailor your bike to suit your height, your riding stance, the noise characteristics of your helmet and your typical cruising speed...


The Answer?

The award-winning, ergonomic and complete two-piece MRA Vario Screen easily adjusts in height by hand - with no tools required - enabling you to alter the airflow directed towards you to reduce turbulence and buffeting, improve your comfort and vastly reduce rider fatigue on - even the longest journeys.


  • Length/height 550mm
  • Stylish Grey/Smoked tint or Clear finish
  • Upper section easily adjusts through 50mm in height without the use of tools
  • Special two-piece "air-bleed" design reduces front/rear pressure differential for reduced buffeting
  • Black gradient fade-out on underside conceals and protects rear of instruments
  • Produced from a unique and resilient, shatterproof and virtually unbreakable material
  • Manufactured in Germany to TÜV standards with an unsurpassed fit and finish
  • Lifetime guarantee to the original purchaser

FJR Vario Screen (2001-2012 Only)

Expected in next 2 weeks
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