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FJR Tall and wide screen

Three fitment options 

2001-2005 Clear or light tint

2001-2006 Clear or light tint

2013-2020 Clear or light tint


The Tall and Wide screen is slightly wider than the OEM screen but, it comes with a slight flip-up to deflect wind and rain over the rider and is virtually identical to the optional Yamaha tall screen but a lot cheaper!  Available in clear or tint. 


Screen is approximatly 55cm high than sandard and 55cm wide at its widest part.

Please note: If your FJR screen has YAMAHA  lettering on it then you already have the tall and wide screen, supplied as an optional extra, from Yamaha. In this case please dont order as you will find very little difference.

FJR Tall and wide screen

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