Simota lifetime air filter

Fits all FJR Models


These high quality air filters are made from fully cleanable urethane (just wash with water every 12000 miles) and use a galvanised steel mesh coating.   Similar looking to the top of the class, lifetime, K& N filter but without the high price tag.

It can be run oiled or dry and comes pre-oiled for immediate use.

Guaranteed for 1000,000 miles.

Outflows O/E and K and N Filters

Advanced polyurethane filter construction for lightweight and durability.
Temperature range from -30°C to 150°C (-22°F-302°F).
Strong galvanised steel mesh coated with bright Epoxy.
Unique 3D Precision Weaving Technology for constant, superior filtration.
More, deeper pleats for larger filtration surface.
Cleanable and reusable. Made of galvanised steel, with high hardness, corrosion resistant, one-piece formed, requiring no replacement at all, and environmentally friendly!
The unit’s strong flexibility also enables it to withstand high-pressure water jet during washing, suitable for long-term use and cost-effective.

Simota lifetime air filter