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FJR Pirelli angel GT A Tyre

Pirelli's superb tyre to suit  the FJR1300. Great wet and dry grip. Light, Neutral steering. Excellent wear. (I got 9500 miles from a rear Angel GT. Ernie)

Do not confuse with Angel ST's. GT's have a bigger footprint and stiffer sidewalls. Pirelli claim a 30 % better milage and grip in the wet over the ST's.

Rear Tyre is dual compound.

Now the Bridgestone T30 has been discontinued the old Pirelli Angel GT's have headed back to the top of the list as one of, if not, the, favourite tyre for the FJR 1300. Always the benchmark tyre, in our opinion, but trumped by the Bridgestones on price. Now cheaper than the Bridgestone T31 and T32, so cracking value.


MCN 2013 'Product of the Year'


'I've never experienced so big a change in a bike with a change of tyres. Nice light, neutral steering. Holds its line with no effort. Totally transformed.'

Mark Stanley (FJOC Member)


Three options

Front (120/70-ZR17)

Rear (180/55-ZR17)

Pair (as above)

FJR Pirelli angel GT A Tyre

PriceFrom £131.00
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