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FJR Migsel Sat nav mount

This Sat Nav Mounting system is, by far and away , the best system for mounting your sat nav to the FJR1300 if you don't want your sat nav to turn with the handlebars.

This GPS mount for your Yamaha FJR1300 (also model 2013) puts your GPS just below the speedometer. Your unit is out of the way if you are using a tank bag and it is central in your line of sight.

* made of anodized aluminium with Tuning Fork Logo
* with 1" RAM ball, so you can mount any device with a RAM bracket
* your Garmin Zumo will fit right out of the box, it comes with all the necessary RAM bits
* possibilities with RAM mounts are nearly endless: mobile phones, mp3 players, radar detectors, cameras, ..
* the mount is held in place by two long bolts that replace the original tank mount bolts
* leaves no trace when removed
* mounting takes about 5 minutes

The Migsel allows the sat nav to fit centrally between the handlebars as the mounting bolts for the migsel are the mounting bolts for the pertol tank.

The Migsel does not impede in anyway the top yoke mounting bolt.

FJR Migsel Sat nav mount

Expected next week
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