FJR stainless steel exhaust down pipes and collector

This is a good quality Stainless steel replacement for the FJR1300, if your downpipes are holed or cracked.

Fits all models. No Catalytic Convertors are fitted, but bikes ECU will compensate for this. 

This is a excellent quality product but fitment is fiddly and time consuming. We supply fitting instructions (The supplier doesn't) to help with fitment or you can arrange fitment at the workshop (£245 labour excluding extra work if studs snap etc).

Unlike the O/E downpipes, that are one piece, and cost over £1200, this product comes in 8 pieces that need to be aligned and manoeuvred into the correct position to allow fitment without the possibility of the joints blowing. It does fit as we have a set fitted to our own bike but it is awkward to fit.

Supplied with gaskets. Uses original head studs so make sure yours are good. 

Buying o/e pipes from ebay etc? If doing so make sure they are perfect i.e. no pinholes, cracks, dents etc.

FJR stainless steel exhaust down pipes and collector