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Bagster tank harness

Please ring us 0755 165 5141 if you need a colour that is not listed here. We will order your specific colour from Bagster in france, however orders for harness' not in stock will be priced around £160. 


These harnesses are priced to cleared 


Bagster Harnesses have increased dramatically in price over the past few years .

The FJR Centre has compiled a list of harnesses.

We have in stock that are 40% less than RRP at  £99.** Very limited quantities available.


To Fit; Clean the tank with polish & fit the harness. Harness will be baggy fit at first, this is normal. Ensure access to filler cap is ok. Over the next couple of weeks, ensure harness is taught (don't overtighten straps), harness will gradually mould to exact proportion of tank. Enjoy years of chip and scratch free biking. Each harness comes complete with secure clips allowing you to easily fit any Bagster Tank bag.


Bagster tank harness

£165.00 Regular Price
£99.00Sale Price
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