Bagster tank harness

Bagster harnesses, in our opinion, are the best tank paint protection you can buy. These harnesses are on our clearance list.


Bagster Harnesses have increased dramatically over the past few years . The FJR Centre has compiled a list of harnesses we have in stock at a substantially less than trade price of £99.** Very limited quantities available.


                                WHEN THEY GONE, THEY GONE!!!


All other harnesses will need to be ordered from Bagster in France and will come at a discounted price (usually around £160). Ring 07551655141


To Fit; Clean the tank with polish & fit the harness. Harness will be baggy fit at first, this is normal. Ensure access to filler cap is ok. Over the next couple of weeks, ensure harness is taught (don't overtighten straps), harness will gradually mould to exact proportion of tank. Enjoy years of chip and scratch free biking. Each harness comes complete with secure clips allowing you to easily fit any Bagster Tank bag.

                 ** MOTOLEGENDS PRICES START AT £159.99!

Bagster tank harness

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