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Two options available

Quart with dispenser of ACF 50 (non Aerosol).  Available to post & Best Value (Quantity = to  3 aerosol cans).


* Can of Aerosol ACF50   *(We are unable to post this as its an aerosol. Available for collection only.)


IN OUR OPINION THIS IS THE BEST PRODUCT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE TO KEEP YOUR FJR1300 RUST FREE. My own, (see Picture) 140,000 mile, 2003 model, FJR1300 has had many treatments of ACF50 and has never suffered any electrical problems and has very little corrosion, despite being left outside in all weathers (I dont have a garage).


Imagine a world without corrosion! Just think, no rust, less maintenance, cleaner engines, greater reliability, higher residual machine value. How much easier things would be!

Now imagine a highly sophisticated, non-toxic, active, thin film water-displacing compound.

A compound with salt blockers and corrosion inhibitors that stays active for up to 12 months.

A lubricant so advanced that it is approved for electrical components (40Kv dielectric yet NO electrical contact resistance). A product that will stop existing corrosion as well as preventing it from starting.

A product that was developed to help jet aircraft stay airborne.

As close to ZERO CORROSION as nature will allow.


PriceFrom £14.50
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